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Criminal Attorney Services in Cape Town

Services offered:


  • Bail
  • After hours bail applications at police stations - 24 hours a day
  • Formal bail applications in court.

Investigation process (By the Police)

  • All Court Attendances during investigations process.
  • Attending to police interrogations
  • Attending to ID parades.
  • Attending to any form of evidence gathering in protecting the clients rights.

Investigation ( By Defense)

  • Attending to all investigations required in the pursuit of a successful defense, which includes but is not limited to the photographing of crime scenes, interviewing defense witnesses and more.
  • Re-evaluation of DNA evidence for accuracy and possible contamination.
  • Re-examination of any chemical testing, be that blood alcohol tests or otherwise in pursuit of a successful defense.


Conducting all aspects of trial on behalf of the client.


Conducting all aspects of the appeal process on behalf of the client, be that applying for leave to appeal or prosecuting the appeal in the High Court against an unwanted conviction or sentence.