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Bail Attorneys Cape Town

Need a Bail Attorney to assist you with a bail Applications? We do bail applications All hours bail at police stations.

Has someone been arrested and you are in dire need to get that person out of jail? Call 072 604 5324 , and we will assist to get that person out of jail. We are bail attorneys in Cape Town and we can assist with bail applications. We can assist you in obtaining bail for anyone, at any time, after hours at police stations and across the Cape Town peninsula.

Kindly give us call at the abovementioned emergency number and we get right at obtaining bail.

Regardless if your family member or friend was arrested on DUI, possession of drugs, assault, reckless or negligent driving, Murder, Rape, theft, possession of suspected stolen property, armed robbery, drinking and driving, illegal possession of firearms or speeding we handle all kinds of charges, and do bail or night court for everyone.

"24 hours – all year after hours bail applications – simply call 072 604 5324 "

Night Court - All hours bail applications

Do you need assistance with night court? We can help. Our bail lawyers will help arrange night court to get your loved-one out on bail.

Police bail

We assist with the setting of police bail. If a family member has been arrested and you need help so the police can set bail, contact us and we will help get your loved one out on police bail.

Prosecutor bail

Has a family member or friend been arrested and you need the after hours prosecutor to come and set prosecutor bail. We assist with the setting of prosecutor bail. Contact us and we will help get your loved one out on prosecutor bail.

Bail application in court

Has your matter already appeared in court, or have the police informed you that you can only apply for bail in court. We are bail attorneys that can assist you with applying for bail. We do bail applications across all the courts in the peninsula. All bail applications are covered, be it schedule 5 bail applications or schedule 6 bail applications. We assist with all kinds of bail applications and have extensive experience in dealing with all of them.

In order to be assisted, kindly contact us and let me take it further on your behalf.

Appeal Bail

Have you, a family member or friend applied for bail in court but did not succeed. We can assist with appeal to the High Court against the refusal of bail.

Kindly contact us to make arrangements and take the matter further on your behalf.